Friday, August 27, 2010


Oh my god.... I don't think I can describe it but..... Chittling... is so fucking good...... WOARGGG!! *testimony* LMFAOOO~ Idk, people say pig intestine is dirty and shit, but dood, you're missing out on CHITTLING! lmfaoo

and beside that, isn't sausage and hotdog use pig intestine as well?


Ahhh, I just finished watching BECK all in one day. I loved it so much, it got my blood pumping. My love for music just took another step. Funny though I don't really listen to rock much, i'm more of a trance/techno geek, but after listening to all the songs in BECK, I have more respect for music. Idk, I'll try to listen more rock music. It's hard to find "rock" music nowadays. Maybe I should listen to more indies music, yeah, that sound great~ But rock mix with rap is just pure awesome. Yeah, I came from a background with rap, so listening to rock with rap is pretty tight.

another random post from lilbang again! *goes to sleep*

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Flashdrive.....

that picture describe it all.... I can't believe my older sister crushed the case of my flashdrive.... thank god it still work and I still have my old flashdrive.... *facepalm*

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camera Whoring

*fixing the camera* Okay bitches, the whore is back in town!

This is self-promotion of my new cool green nail polish, Lmfaoo!

I don't have a pink bandanna so I just took some random red bandanna and and photoshop the color~ I'll buy one later.... in a distance dream... Haha! Anyway, Amadeus said Hello! Now stare at that sexy glove, lmfaoo!


Hng, coming back to spam over~ I really need to start using this blog xD lmfaoo! *will think of something to spam over later*

No, that bug did not come from my mouth, lmfaoo!