Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 01 - Photo of you along with ten facts

1) I am a wannabe. I like to be a gangster, elegant, punk poser
2) I have a sister complex. I love my sister!
3) I'm 5'5"
4) I love drawing the realism, but everything I do on computer are just cartoon ;I too lazy to scan, and i'm sure noone have any interest with my paintings :P
5) I'm very slow, and can't learn fast. I'm a horrible student that barely passed highschool with my 3.09 GPA and 1490 SAT score.
6) I love color +v+ I love dirty brown to hot pink!
7) I don't own alot of stuff, so my wall are usually white and don't own any sort of collction. I think the closest collection I have is the whole series of Rurouni Kenshin, other than that, nothing.
8) I love nature, I love looking at mountain and sea, and fishing!!! It make me in peace!
9) Half of my money I earn from working at my parent store is given away to the homeless begger on street of baltimore.
10) I believe in a God but the same time I question God. right now i'm on quest to find the "truth"

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