Sunday, March 7, 2010

Amadeus RPG

I really need to think about how Amadeus fight, so imma write down his skill here:

Name: Amadeus
Eden: Earth
Magic Specialty: Wind and Combat

Skill Set:
(based on 10 star count)

Str: 8 INT: 2
Agi: 6 Luk: 4
Dex: 5 Vit: 5

Physical Skills:

He's is physically built. He won't lose to anyone in physical battle beside crazy steroid users. But he have a slow reaction time. He will not fight in a 1 vs multiply enemy. He knows that he wouldn't be able to fight all opponents at the same time. He usually help support his allies from the behind and take their spotlight 8D

Magic Skills:

Living in the city for a long time, ha had lost control over his Eden. All he can do for now is riding in the air with his skateboard. For now, it's all bottle in him, still asleep.


For now, the only weapon he have is his fist.

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